The Anatomy of a Disciple

So many believers. So few disciples.


You have a purpose in this life.

Do you believe that? Do you live like it’s true?

Dr. Rick Taylor walks alongside you through this journey of The Anatomy of a Disciple, giving you a clear, thorough picture of Jesus’ life and what it means to be His disciple, as you learn how to live out the teachings of the Bible in a practical, relatable way.

Your relationship with Christ doesn’t end with accepting Him into your life; it begins there. And it is meant to move you, guide you and lead you throughout your entire life, in every area, until God completes the work in you that He started. He didn’t leave you here to figure it out on your own. He is here with you, every moment, and He has provided a picture of complete maturity in the life of His Son, Jesus Christ.

With gentle humility and solid, unshakable strength, Dr. Rick Taylor shares how God has worked in his life and in the lives of those around him. When faced with great tragedy, he chose to cling to God even more, encountering the majestic God of eternal past and future, who is bigger and more powerful than you could ever imagine, and who is working in you to help you become all you were created to be.

Fuzzy or faulty thinking about what it means to be an authentic disciple of Christ obviously complicates the pursuit of spiritual maturity. Dr. Rick Taylor helps us get back on the right path in this fresh, biblically faithful study of the marks of a well-formed follower of Jesus and how we can best cooperate with His Spirit in the transformation of our lives into our Savior’s image.

I especially appreciated the author’s personal candor as he draws upon his wealth of experience with respect to his own growth and being used as an instrument in helping others mature as well.

President and Professor of Spiritual Formation at Western Seminary,
Randal Roberts, D.Min

Calm. Kind. Delightfully serious. Smiling. And always truthful. That’s Rick Taylor. Let me put that another way—Humbly Submitted, Biblically Formed and Relationally Healthy. Rick is the walking embodiment of this book—a man changed by choosing to actually become more like Jesus through thick and thin. Call it a true-life adventure! This is a book that makes biblical sense and tugs at the heart. In fact, “The Anatomy of a Disciple is not just a book. It’s an entire ministry…” producing long term Christ-like vibrancy in you. Prepare to enjoy soul-enriching personal growth.

Stu Weber, Pastor & Author

When Life Is Changed Forever (By the Death of Someone Near)


When Life Is Changed Forever empathetically comforts the agony of empty arms and the raging of the soul in the aftermath of a loved one’s death as few books ever have. Within these helpful pages the author skillfully offers the sure hope that life can be lived fully again…while facing the truth that it can never be the same.

Here is an honest journey into the depths of God’s love for all those who have experienced the complicated and often conflicting emotions brought about by the death of someone near.

There are no simple platitudes, quick solutions or moralistic exhortations here. Just biblical truth gently taught through authentic life experience that provides the deep hope of a God who is big enough to handle the worst of our pain.
Howard G. Hendricks, Distinguished Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary

Dr. Taylor’s reference to “changed forever” describes the heartache of a loss that eventually lessens but never leaves. If you have been touched by the death of someone dear, you’ll find compassion and hope within these pages. You can transcend your personal grief by experiencing God’s purpose and promise for your life.
June Hunt, Hope for the Heart

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